Thursday Tastings!

...maybe not every Thursday, but watch here for announcements of upcoming Thursday Tastings. And be sure to LIKE us on Facebook!

"Celebrating Piedmont"
Thursday, Jan. 28th - from 6 to 8:30pm
I really fell in love with Piedmont wines while I was over there in September. Hence, I'd like to to introduce (or reaffirm) these wonderful wines with my customers.
No reservations/No cost for this one.

"Leap Day Tasting"
Monday, Feb. 29th - from 6 to 8:30pm
OK, so it's not a Thursday... But "Leap Day" only comes around every four years, so we couldn't pass this up. And it's has great potential for fun themes: wines with the word "leap" in the title, or "jump", you get the idea.
Cost: TBA

TBA - from noon to 4 p.m.
WINE THING! is our semi-annual, not-to-be-missed, humongous wine tasting and sale. We'll have twenty wine vendors pouring a total of 100 different wines for you to taste. WINE THING is a great day to buy with discounts reaching 24% off!
RSVPs: Not necessary for this one, but come early!
COST: $5 per person, donated to charity

We're open seven days a week!
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     Sunday: noon to 4 p.m.

Cabernet & Company Wine Shop is located in beautiful downtown Glen Ellyn, at 434 N. Main Street.
We can be found on the west side of Main Street, just south of Duane. We're about a block south of the RR tracks.

Free street parking is usually available in front of the store or across the street. There is also a metered parking lot located between Hill and Duane, one-half block to our south on the west side of the street. Glen Ellyn has the cheapest parking meters in the U.S., just 5 cents buys you an hour of parking!